VANDERPOL Dutch Caramel Waffle production lines

Dutch Caramel Line

Flexibility in the production process will increase efficiency thanks to a better use of your production line. That is the reason why VANDERPOL waffle ovens are standard equipped with a variety of mechanical and electronic features.

The syrup waffle is a typical Dutch product and till a few years ago only known in the Netherlands.

His bite and great taste, makes this product unique in the world and there for, the syrup waffle is a strong growing export product. Not without pride we can tell you that our advanced Syrup Waffle Production line is one of a kind.

Such development gives VANDERPOL access to a truly niche market.

Product sizes
Baking Time

: 45 mm up to 90 mm
: 3.000 up to 40.000 by hour
: ca. 60 seconds

Line detail Line Waffles

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