Tromp Group Handling Systems

The Tromp Group has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner in the pastry, waffle, bread, pizza and cake/ pie product sector. Our expert knowledge of custom-made handling systems allows us to support and perfect any production process.

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Handling Systems

Handling Systems

Handling Systems

Handling Systems

In manufacturing all your processing systems, our focus is on four main issues:

  • Rest in the production line
  • Continuity of the production process
  • The largest possible productivity
  • A minimum amount of parts and a simple, solid construction

As your partner in this field we know how to translate your needs and requirements into practical solutions.

Loaders / un-loaders
The loaders and un-loaders for tunnel ovens, buffer and rack loading systems, ensure a high level of operational safety.

Buffer / Cooling and Proofing systems
By including these buffer / proofing systems (rack loaders) in the production process you will provide optimal control over the supply and removal of baking trays.

Throughout the years we have built up a wide range of depanners. Our range of depanners includes: Needle depanners, Vacuum depanners, Turn-over depanners and Magnet depanners.

Transport systems
The Tromp Group is offering a basic and solid transport systems to transport all bakery products. These solid and reliable transport systems are available in any type and size.

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