Cookie lines - Unimac & Unimac XL

The Tromp Unimac is the first truly universal electronic depositor which is capable of depositing a wide range of cookies, batters, meringue's, praline fillings, shoe-paste, and much more. Its modular design makes it possible to purchase the basic model, and upgrade to a more sophisticated execution at a future date.

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Handling Systems

Handling Systems

Handling Systems

Handling Systems

The Unimac has a unique feature that allows the conveyor belts to be removed so the machine can be placed above a make-up line. With its many optional devices and extensive program possibilities the Unimac is the most versatile depositor available on the market.


  • 2-roll extruding head for cakes and light batters
  • 3-roll extruding head for stiffer cookie dough type products
  • Wire cutting device
  • Rotating nozzle device
  • Pneumatic cut-off device for die-plates
  • Vertical step option to create "multi-layer" products
  • Large variety of templates, nozzles, die-plates, showerheads etc.
  • Baking paper holders
  • Trolley
  • Bowl lift
  • Transfer pump


  • Many product varieties
  • Easy touch-screen control
  • Reliable, long lifetime
  • High accuracy
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Heavy duty industrial design

The Unimac and Unimac XL are available in the following widths:

Unimac Unimac XL
600mm 800mm
800mm 1000mm
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