Den Boer MultiBake R

The Den Boer Multibake® R is an indirect heated oven which operates according to the cyclotherm (Radiant heat) principle. This oven is very easy to maintain and is fitted with modulating burners with an extensive range of adjustment.

Multibake R

Multibake R

Multibake R

The Den Boer Multibake® R is an indirect fired oven, hot air is blown along radiator tubes passing through the oven. The oven is suitable for natural gas, propane or oil.

Features of the Den Boer Multibake® R oven

  • Massif heating principle 
  • Perfectly suitable for heavy products   
  • Easy to operate

Pre assembled modelus
The entire oven is built from pre assembled modules with a standard length of 2200 mm and a width based on the belt width. All modules are pre wired and fitted with all desired components. This enables the final configuration of the oven to be quickly completed.



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